After the launch of their new product – Nimble AnyTime – earlier this year, Aussie lender, Nimble, required a fresh new explainer video that could clearly and succinctly convey the value and function of the product to potential customers. And with COVID looming overhead, it was important that we emphasised Nimble’s commitment to being a responsible lender dedicated to empowering its customers with financial control, even when the road got rocky.

With the broader above-the-line campaign still to come, it was important that the

concept behind this video would sit cohesively alongside all past and future creative for the new Nimble AnyTime product. Hence, this is where Nimble’s fast-talking sass kween, Millennial Ash, debuted for the first time.

Ash’s quirky, personable and straight-talking demeanour effectively balanced the

informative aim of the clip with the tongue-in-cheek tone of the brand. She further side-stepped any snooze-fest potential when it came to tricky (but important) product details by conveying them through classically Millennial brunch analogies.

The real test was actually filming the video – something it wasn’t possible to do in

Melbourne at the time. Fortunately, the brilliant production team at Monster & Bear were able to help us transcend state barriers by setting up a shoot in Sydney where creative direction was given over everyone’s favourite online office – Zoom.


  • Campaign Strategy & Concept

  • Storyboarding & Scripting

  • Video Production

  • Social Media Content Development