Home Fitness Range Launch
Launch FILA’s new range of at-home fitness equipment to drive in-store and online sales at Target.
Cultural insight
COVID-19 brought about nationwide gym closures. This change gave way to a new cultural movement of home-based workouts, as gym goers increasingly turned to fitness influencers for workout inspiration and support.
We saw that integrated channels were underperforming due to the pandemic, and turned to an out-of-the-box approach to launch this new product range. We narrowed in on the most efficient way of building awareness alongside product education and interest. Where integrated channels were lagging, influencers were taking the baton, so we put them at the forefront of our strategy to create conversation and conversions. We mobilised a team of influencers across Australia to create and deliver content that was more than just authentic and relevant: by embracing cultural diversity and working with niche or ‘micro’ influencers, we were able to reach a broader range of fitness audiences across the nation.
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