Highpoint Shopping Centre
Brand Campaign
Retail & Hospitality
Highpoint has transformed, undergoing a multi-million dollar upgrade to its offering, aesthetic and visitor experience as a part of GPT Group’s bold vision: to create the urban village of the future. In creating the new brand platform, we had two goals: to reintroduce the elevated experience to lapsed visitors, and to create awareness of Highpoint as a landmark shopping centre throughout all Melbourne metro catchments and regional Victoria.
Cultural insight
Highpoint’s identity has a longstanding connection with Melbourne’s western multicultural community. This unique cultural connection is a celebration of inclusivity and diversity with a confident and bold attitude that champions self-expression and individuality.
To build on this cultural insight, we created a refreshed brand positioning for Highpoint: “Make It Your Way”. This elevated promise invites one and all to write their own Highpoint story and experience food, fashion and entertainment in a whole new light. Creating cultural currency and building a sense of authenticity was key to making this organising idea successful. So, we engaged not-for-profit group L2R Dance to help express our story through a local lens. L2R embody the idea that dance is a universal language – one we can all understand - which aligns perfectly with the essence of the “Make It Your Way” narrative. This celebration comes to life against the stunning backdrop of the Highpoint upgrade, via an immersive, flowing, colourful visual montage. Each scene connects seamlessly from one to the next, showcasing what makes the Highpoint visitor experience truly distinctive. The result is a refreshed brand story, grounded in cultural insight, that perfectly positions Highpoint for continued growth as one of Australia’s highest-performing shopping centres.
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