Period Party
Produce an evergreen edutainment YouTube series to help 14-17 year old APAC teens navigate their biggest period-first problems.
Cultural insight
Never let a period get in the way of your progress.
To break the cultural stigma’s associated with getting your period, we completely flipped the conversation to turn it into a bright and colourful celebration of womanhood. Thus, the idea of a ‘surprise period party’ became the heart of this quirky content series. Our story follows a young female character locked in humorous dialogue with a personified version of her uterus. Each video engages in a series of party games (much to the young female character’s dismay) that help to explain the basics: how to choose period products, how to deal with period pain, and how to track your cycle with the Kotex period tracker app - so you don’t end up with another surprise party.
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