Bill Shock
Build brand awareness for Nimble as the trusted provider of short-term loans that get you out of sticky financial situations.
Cultural insight
The rising cost of living is resulting in unexpected bill shock across all aspects of life for Australians.
In an unpredictable world, we all need a little comic relief. Our campaign idea adapted Nimble’s signature irreverent humour for a chaotic financial climate – positioning their quick little loans as an antidote to the uncertainty. We played with the mockumentary style to convey that familiar shock we all feel when we get hit with an unexpected cost. We personified this feeling into our character - Bill Shock – the man whose jaw has been permanently dropped since he learned how expensive the real world can be. Featuring the familiar face of Josh Saunders – AKA the Magikarp guy – we brought his dramatic facial talents to the heart of our campaign idea, encouraging Australians to just Nimble it and move on.
30sec TVC.
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