RMIT University
NextFest Open Day
Reimagine and reinvigorate the 2021 RMIT Open Day brand, to increase YOY attendance and VTAC preferences amongst Gen Z year 12 students.
Cultural insight
Belonging, social connection, celebration, immersive experiences, and long-term positive memories: these are the hallmarks of Gen Z music festival culture. These traits also describe everything a university open day experience should be – but most fail to deliver.
We took the music festival cultural lens and applied it to the RMIT Open Day experience. With this insight, we were able to disrupt the category and create a highly relevant, engaging point of difference for the RMIT brand. At the heart of this was rebranding the open day event to NextFest – building an ownable and seamless connection with RMIT’s established brand positioning, What’s Next. This organising idea laid the foundation for all event programming and brought about first-to-market visitor experiences and industry partnerships. NextFest 2021 saw attendance exceed even pre-COVID numbers by 13%. NextFest is now a keystone of the RMIT student acquisition journey, with attendance continuing to increase YOY in both 2022 and 2023.
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